I have nothing up my sleeve.

I have, however, been attempting to learn how to perform a quarter roll over my knuckles. Which is to say that instead of working, I’ve been trying to learn how to do magic tricks. Yes.

Please note that were this an actual in-progress shot, you’d be seeing the blur of the quarter as it dropped off of my knuckles and onto the floor. Again.

things I do not love

When weathermen promise snow . . .


. . . but what actually appears is a depressing mix of ice, and slush, as seen on my back deck. This is not snow. This is offensive to snow.

And now I keep hearing that we’re supposed to get “snow” “this weekend.” Ha! This is fast becoming 2011’s most insidious half-truth. I’m onto you, 2011. Also weathermen.

new year’s resolutions: 2011 style

Almost every year I make a resolution or two for the new year, and almost every year I break those resolutions within the first few weeks of January. This year, I’m doing things a little differently.

For 2011, I’ve got a long list of things I want to accomplish–not ridiculous things, not “go to the moon” or “be nicer.” Things that are doable. I’m keeping most of the list private, but these are some of the biggest parts of the list:

1. Read at least 50 books in 2011. I didn’t even get to 40 last year. Reading ~4 books per month is doable, darn it. In theory a significant number of these will come from my to-read list.

2. Read all of the unread books I own, which should definitely vault me over 50. I own too many books that I bought on a whim or bought because they were classics that I feel like I should read, and haven’t gotten around to them. Time to own up. I’m looking at you, Love in the Time of Cholera.

3. Write every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or poetry, or if it’s for the technical stuff for which I actually get paid. Just do it. (I’m proud to report that so far, this is going swimmingly.)

4. Get glasses. This squinting-at-the-keyboard thing is getting old. Finally completing that transition to freelancer-Tiny-Fey/Liz-Lemon is Part D of my plan to take over the world, anyway.

5. Get an agent. Yeah, so this one’s not necessarily in my control. Do it anyway, or at least try as hard as humanly possible.

why, hello, December!

You’re turning out to be rather swell.

I’ve been super busy with work lately, which is good, but I’m behind on a few posts. I’ll get them up later. In the meantime: I made a cardigan. It’s too big. I like it anyway.

suddenly it is spring

Suddenly it is spring and I realized I have completely neglected my blog for nearly a month.

Which is, coincidentally, almost how long my short story has been in limbo with another submissions process. I sent the story to another magazine on February 24th. No “no” yet, no communication at all. I want to believe that this is a good sign, but I’m not sure that that’s the case.

I had a job interview week before last. I would love this job. I would love, love, love, love, love this job. I don’t want to get my hopes up because I’ve had them dashed before, just like this. But I really would love this job.

It is spring. There are daffodils on my kitchen table.



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