liveblogging: not what this is for

Over the weekend, I wrote a short story. This is notable if only for the fact that it’s the first piece of fiction that I’ve completely and totally finished in a long, long time. Writing this thing was sort of like having a fever, or maybe it was just like a fever; I don’t know. I started writing it on Friday afternoon and wrote on it, straight, for about three hours. I finished it up in a couple of hours on Saturday. I let it percolate for a couple of days, and then yesterday and today, I edited it.

I sent it in to Clarkesworld at 3:00 today. I’ve been trying not to just stare at my inbox ever since then, but I’m failing. I’m excited and hopeful and at the same time, completely sure that they are not going to accept the piece, but I can’t help hoping, anyway. Clarkesworld has an insanely fast turnaround; I should know by tomorrow at the latest, probably, whether or not they’re going to say yes.

So I figured, why not liveblog the thing? At the most, it’ll be fun, and at the least, I’ll get rejected in about fifteen minutes.


3:00 pm – Submitted short story to Clarkesworld. Crossing fingers.

3:48 pm – Nothing yet. I could log in to check the status of the piece, but given that I sent it in 48 minutes ago, I worry that I would look like a complete spaz. I am also wondering if they can see how many times authors log in to check the status of a story. Hmm.

10:20 pm – Nada. I have managed to only check the website three times so far, and the last one was just so that I could pull up what it says for the blog (honest): position in the queue, 61 40; status: open; category: pending. It’s actually changed a little! When I checked earlier, I was #61 in the queue. Moving on up. Maybe I’ll have an answer in the morning.


9:01 am – Position in the queue: 32. Honestly, I was just happy not to see a rejection email in my inbox when I got up.

1:22 pm – Up to 21 in the queue. Fingers still crossed.

8:45 pm – Just checked about half an hour ago, and while I’m at 16 in the queue, the story is under review. Now, now the waiting is interminable.

9:16 pm – And, ladies and gentlemen, we have a form rejection. I’m a little disappointed, but I really did expect this. Sending this story elsewhere tomorrow.


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